:: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 ::

Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Historian Christopher Hill dies at 91

"Mr Hill was a member of the Communist party from the 30s until 1957, when he resigned in protest against the Soviet invasion of Hungary and against the British party's lack of internal democracy. Before that, though, he was one of the brightest stars of the constellation of writers who made up the Communist Party Historians Group, which also included Eric Hobsbawm, George Rudé and Rodney Hilton. Mr Hill said he always regarded the historians' group as "the greatest single influence" on his work."

Christopher Hill, author of The World Turned Upside Down and many other books has died aged 91. He studied the period of the English Civil War, a period in which the medium of print came into its own and literally changed the world, propogating new ideas and inspiring ordinary people to question authority. After the fantastic example of Feb. 15th, can our own medium of the internet help bring about real change?

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