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Apologists for Saddam?

Tony Blair has responded to the anti-war movement. In his Glasgow speech, which he brought forward by hours in order to avoid facing the electorate, he said:

"There will be no march for the victims of Saddam, no protests about the thousands of children that die needlessly every year under his rule, no righteous anger over the torture chambers which if he is left in power, will be left in being."

I am reminded of when I was at University at the time of the first Gulf War. Shortly before we (leftist Labour Students) had been urging action by the students association against the Ba'athist Iraqi Students Club which had a strong position at my college. The NUS had done a thorough report exposing their role in spying on Iraqi students activity. Of course no one amongst the assorted lib-dems, independents, tories and ulster unionists was interested. One week later Saddam roled into Kuwait and suddenly there was a renewed interest in our campaign - it became a priority.

Every week you can go to the embassies of countries like China (who ban free trade unions), Colombia (who send death squads against trade unions), Italy (who try to shut down a protest movement by mass arrests and beat and murder government opponents) and many more and find leftist groups holding poorly attended vigils against attacks on human rights .

My point is that it is invariably the left who speak out for unfashionable human rights issues. Blair, Bush and their press only do so when it suits their foreign policy agenda. Rather like the former Soviet Union in fact.

Tommy Sheridan had listened to Blairs speech on the radio before the march began. He replied to him. He pointed out that it was the likes of those on the march who had spoken up for ordinary Iraqis whilst the US and British governments had been selling Saddam chemical weapons to use against the Iranians (remember when they were the bad guys?)

We have seen US "democracy" imported into Chile, Grenada, Nicaragua...it is the democracy of the grave. We can see it now moving against the democratically elected government of Venezuela. It was the US who armed and backed up the Afghan mujahideen and other fundamentalists as a pawn during the cold war. It is the US who prop up the Isreali state with its weapons of mass destruction and daily killings, tortures and human rights violations. These butchers cannot claim any moral high-ground.

Even now, Iraqi refugees face being stuck in a prison-camp if they make it to Britain. And who stands up for the refugees and asylum seekers (not the most popular cause in Britain) ? Why that unprincipled bunch, the left.

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