:: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 ::

Edinburgh Evening News - Top Stories - When David was no pop Goliath . .

Festival organiser Colin Fox said: "It was one of the last gigs he played before he went on to Fame Academy.

"It was a really busy night. There were about 14 different entertainers, including some stand-ups. There were a couple of hundred people there of all ages. Some were from Craigmillar and others from all over the city.

"We gave David his first big break and everyone was just bowled over by him. Perhaps the highlight was when he did a Kinks tribute melody. He sounded fantastic.

"I’ve sent him an e-mail saying we hope he’s OK for next year as well.

"We’re awaiting a reply to say he will fit us in between the London Palladium and the SECC."

Nice article and it uses my photo from the EPF website.

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