:: Friday, November 29, 2002 ::

BBC Scotland run a weblog Scotblog. They recently appealed for links to other Scottish blogs, so with all due humility I pointed to SSP News Weblog, Rebel Inc. Coffee Shop Weblog and this wee place. Unfortunately anything too political or controversial is not approved by Auntie Beeb who replied thus:

"the rebelinccofeeshop.com promotes the legalisation of cannabis, which is against the BBCs guidelines - and in the case of the Scottish Socialist Party weblog, we would have to link to weblogs of all of the other main political parties too, but since they don't have weblogs, we can't do that (not yet, anyway).

However, I'm pleased to say that I'll be able to give your own weblog a mention at some point, when I've had a chance to look through it."

Still waiting for that one. Maybe I should change the content...a few knitting patterns, some bad poetry, maybe some cake recipes...

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