:: Thursday, November 14, 2002 ::

Royal crisis deepens as Prince Charles' personal valet, Michael Fawcett, is named as the alleged rapist....
It would appear that the trial of Paul Burrell was an attempt by the British establishment, using police and courts, to procure what the Mirror called the 'rape tape' of Princess Diana ? which relates the story of the alleged rape of a servant by Michael Fawcett. If this is all proven, the intervention of the Queen may now be viewed to stop that tape coming into the public domain and these allegations becoming public.

The smearing of Paul Burrell can be seen as the British establishment doing what they always do in such a situation. What an unbelievable story. And it?s only just beginning. This one will make the Profumo Affair seem like a consensual peck on the cheek in the back of a Ford Escort.

found via rebel-inc coffee shop weblog.

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