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Aragorn against the war

Actor Viggo Mortensen, who plays Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings series of films, has come out strongly against the war in Iraq on a US talk show. The reaction of some US fans (see the link above) is pretty funny..."how can he turn on the country that gives him the right to spew his bullshit". Well, he is Dane, in a New Zealand production of an English book, and I believe that's what they call free speech.

"Viggo had a shirt on that said, No blood for Oil. He questioned the U.S. on attacking and bombing innocent people. He said the U.S. is the bad guy and that Bush is Saruman. He said we should question what's going on. He also said it's wrong how the news turns into a countdown to war, like it's a countdown to New Years."

Of course Tolkien fought at the Somme in WW1, and his books are filled with that experience. I think to call him anti-war is going too far, but he certainly didn't glorify war. He knew all about the reality of battle.

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