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NEWS.scotsman.com - News Archive - The hard reality beneath SSP’s soapbox rhetoric

Yesterdays Scotsman contained an interesting piece on the SSP. It was written by a former Labour spin-doctor, who was Wormtongue to the disgraced Henry McLeish's Saruman. The article was an attack on the SSP, but instead of digging dirt or making weak jokes about sunbeds (well ok there is one) it looks at our policies. It says that firms will be leaving Scotland if we increase taxes etc, well it looks to me like the 'flight of capital' has already started. With the Scotsman's front page yesterday announcing that the country is in recession and huge multinationals like IBM in Greenock ready to pull out with the loss of hundreds of jobs.

The article further states "Most revealing, they showed their true Trotskyist colours by demanding "confiscation" of the assets of any company that pulled out of Scotland in search of a more profitable environment."

At the moment firms can get grants and tax breaks to come to Scotland, and then pull out without notice, sacking all their workers. Well if Sodexho were to pull out of Scotland what would we do with their workers? Cause Sodexho sure won't be taking them to Paris with them. We would employ them in the same jobs in hospitals and schools, but with decent conditions and back in the public sector. In the same way why should IBM workers be redundant? They are the ones who produce the computers etc, not the execs. Put their skills to use. Build an internet network that can properly service the whole of Scotland from the Borders to the Shetlands. Let's provide computers for every schoolkid, student, community centre etc. Lets use our wealth and skills for the good of our communities, not the profit of a few fat-cat executives.

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