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Hospital pickets block strike breaking kids
Evening Times.

The bitter strike of Sodexho workers at Glasgow Royal Infirmary continues, with mass pickets turning away scabs. Many of the scabs were teenage kids who had been brought in from hundreds of miles away, without being told they would be used to strike-break. Many of them are now heading home.

One 25-year-old, who refused to be named for fear of being sacked, said: “It’s awful. Sodexho did not tell us we were coming into this terrible situation.

“One kitchen porter was in the hospital yesterday and he said rubbish bags were piling up in the maternity ward.

“It’s terrible when you think of the bacteria and the babies in that part of the hospital.”

Most of those brought in to help beat the strike are in their late teens or early 20s and work at the tank firing range at Castlemartin, near Pembroke, and two other military bases nearby

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