:: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 ::

Latest poll shows more support for Sheridan

Todays Glasgow Herald poll is absolutely sensational news. It proves that last months poll was no fluke. In fact our support has increased. We are on an average of 8% for the list vote, across Scotland. That goes as far as 12% in Glasgow and 10% in the Highlands and Islands, Lothians, and South of Scotland. The tory party is now only 2% ahead of us on the list vote demonstrating that the SSP is on its way to become a major party in Scottish politics.

Our support increasingly comes from the radical left supporters of the SNP as well as Labour. The SNP are paying the price for Swinneys attempt to move the party to the right and their treatment of Margo McDonald. The Greens must be disappointed - they have not made the best of their opportunities and Robin Harper has not made the impact in parliament that many expected.

The SSP is now set to shake the establishment next May!

"The Nationalists will feel frustrated that a brake is apparently being put on their performance in list voting by the SSP, which can celebrate a second successive month of record support in both first and second votes."

"The Socialists are now in double figures in half of the Scottish regions and on an average 8% across the nation, enough to suggest that if this level of backing is maintained, Mr Sheridan could be joined by five party colleagues in the next parliament, according to independent analysis by Electoral Reform Ballot Services."

"System Three suggests the SSP is attracting 12% in Mr Sheridan's power base in Glasgow, and 10% in the Highlands and Islands, Lothians, and South of Scotland. His support of 6% in the first vote is also a record, but probably meaningless because the SSP is unlikely to win a constituency seat."

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