:: Friday, July 12, 2002 ::

Cannabis reclassification


From Kevin Williamson, drug laws campaigner and SSP spokesperson on drugs issues.

In Scotland the Justice Minister admitted last month that all eight police forces here were no longer treating cannabis as an arrestable offence. I.e. in both London and all of Scotland WE NOW HAVE DE FACTO DECRIMINALISATION OF CANNABIS USE.

Cannabis cafe bid still on the menu

A DETERMINED Edinburgh publisher today pledged to carry on with plans to open a cannabis cafe in the city - despite a government ruling that the move will remain illegal.

Kevin Williamson has vowed to get his controversial venture off the ground "as soon as possible" in the wake of the long-awaited announcement of a change in drugs policy by the Home Secretary yesterday.

SNP dirty tricks in fight against Margo

This is the treatment that socialists in the SNP can now expect. Time to join a real socialist party that stands for an independent socialist Scotland.

MSP hits out at the forces of darkness

MacDonald claims enemies in SNP leaked story of her illness

THE SNP leadership was accused yesterday of trying to end the political career of Margo MacDonald by leaking the fact that she suffers from Parkinson's disease.

SNP keeps its distance in illness smear

IN Margo MacDonald’s Scottish parliament office, the telephone seldom stopped ringing yesterday morning.

Lord James Douglas Hamilton, the senior Tory, was one of the first to call to wish the Nationalist MSP well after hearing that she had a mild form of Parkinson’s Disease. Immediately afterwards, an official with Tommy Sheridan’s Scottish Socialist Party voiced similar concerns.

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