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Tommy on revolution

You say you want a revolution? Here, have 10

"10 of the best ... revolutions, by SSP leader Tommy Sheridan, on holiday in Cuba"

Sun, sand and socialism ... Tommy Sheridan's Cuban diary

Margo - Will She/Won't She?

Margo MacDonald interviewed in the Sunday Herald

"Enough of an oddball that she thinks the SNP simply doesn't want her any more. 'I keep thinking Groucho Marx had it right: would I want to be in a party that would have me as a member?'"

"Then she pauses. 'Aye, and Karl Marx got some things right as well."

Margo continues the will she/won't she speculation about whether she will stand as an independent. Possibly on a list including her husband ex-socialist firebrand and Govan SNP MP Jim Sillars.

Margo to end speculation on her future this week - The Scotsman.

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