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School Meals (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1

The above link is the official Scottish Parliament report on the SSP's Free School Meals Bill. It is worth reading, as are many of the reports of the parliament. I don't think most voters realise just how cynical, spineless and ideologically bankrupt their New Labour (and lib-dem) MSP's are. A quick look at the speeches from the govt benches illustrates just how enthusiastically they have embraced neo-liberal ideology to the extent that they have actual contempt for the concept of universality, one of the foundations of the welfare state.

The debate wasn't really about money, a week later the parliament reported a massive underspend on their budget! It was about ideology. Universality and equality are no longer principles of New Labour or the Neo-Liberal Democrats

It is no wonder that New Labour and Lib Dem support dropped in yesterdays historic Herald poll. Let's even up the score. Elect a team of socialists to the parliament, vote SSP, get active for an independent socialist Scotland.

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