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Irish Socialist Network Declares Its Manifesto

"Irish Socialist Network Declares Its Manifesto
by Colm Breathnach

A new radical democratic socialist organisation, called the Irish Socialist Network (ISN) has been set up in Dublin. The ISN is committed to the complete abolition of capitalism and its replacement by a socialist society, by which is meant:
*A transformation of power relationships leading to democratic control of all aspects of society and an end to elite rule.
*Collective ownership and democratic control of, and access to, all economic structures, wealth and resources, by workers and consumers.
*Equality of all people and an end to all forms of privilege and discrimination.
*Vindication of all human rights; social, political and individual.
*A sustainable society developing in harmony with the natural environment.

The Irish Socialist Network will carry out its work on the basis of the following principles:
*Change is brought about by the empowerment of ordinary people not by a revolutionary vanguard or a parliamentary elite.
*A socialist organisation is characterised by openness, equality and internal democracy.
*Non-dogmatic Marxist thought is essential for analysing society and advancing the struggle for socialism.
*While acknowledging differences we will work in a non-sectarian manner with, and promote dialogue among, all socialist and progressive groups.

A key component of socialism is internationalism. The struggle for justice, equality and our environment is global."

Fair play to the comrades, and nice logo ; )

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