:: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 ::

SNP backs MacDonald - The Scotsman newspaper

THE SNP leadership has promised to throw all available resources into the fight for Edinburgh South at the next election in an attempt to prevent maverick MSP Margo MacDonald leaving the party.

The selection of candidates for the Scottish National Party left left-wing MSP Margo MacDonald in a probably unwinnable position on their party list. Realistically I don't think they have any chance of winning the Edinburgh South FPTP seat either. While she has ruled out joining the Scottish Socialist Party (although saying she was "flattered") there is still a possibility that Margo may stand on the list as an independent. She would only need to get 6% of the vote. If this came largely from SNP supporters it may not do the SSP any harm.

Previously Margo hinted at going independent and forming a new group:

Shunned MSP hints at rainbow alliance with independents

"Ms MacDonald said she thought it would be a good idea for all the independent and minority party MSPs to join together in a grouping which could then influence the parliament to a much greater extent than was possible at present.

This would mean a new, loose association of Tommy Sheridan, the Scottish Socialist, Dennis Canavan, who is independent, Robin Harper of the Greens, independent Dorothy-Grace Elder, who was formerly with the SNP, and Ms MacDonald herself."

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