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A Scottish Parliament committee has rejected the free school meals bill (proposed by Tommy Sheridan of the SSP), despite the overwhelming evidence that it improves childrens health significantly, and the support of dozens of professional organisations including the BMA, EIS and STUC. The Bill now goes forward for debate at the Scottish Parliament next week

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Free school meals call rejected

A move to provide free school meals for every pupil in Scotland has been rejected by a Scottish Parliament committee.

Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan brought forward the proposal in a Member's Bill.

He said he was trying to rid state schools of the stigma of free meals.

"Our committee is not persuaded that the free provision of school meals will automatically increase uptake "

Cathy Peattie MSP

But the education committee said it was not convinced that the move would lead to more children taking school meals.

Some 30,000 Scottish pupils do not take up their entitlement to free school dinners.

Mr Sheridan said this is because of the stigma attached to them.

He argued that if everyone got a free meal, there would be no cause for embarrassment.

The SSP leader believes his Bill, which sets out nutritional standards, would be an investment in the future health and well-being of Scotland's children.

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