:: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 ::

More Margo coverage.

The Herald:

"She made it clear she had turned down an invitation from Tommy Sheridan to join the Scottish Socialist party, but praised its members for their 'drive and sheer dynamism'."

"Margo can be wilful and she knows how to make enemies. But she has also made friends among fellow travellers on the road to independence. Tommy Sheridan's Scottish Socialists begged her to fight for them in the South of Scotland (which must have alarmed Michael Russell, parlously stuck in fourth place on the SNP list) and the Greens would love to have her, presumably anywhere except in Robin Harper's Lothians."

Margo resigns - The Scotsman

"Mrs MacDonald intends to make up her mind over the summer about whether she will stand as an independent or on another party ticket."

Party maverick begins new political journey

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