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Dance! Dance! Dance!

Joy Division Oven Gloves. Previously this enigmatic phrase was only understood by a select few Half Man Half Biscuit fans. The track from their classic album Achtung Bono exemplified their witty tunes.

Yet as I write, the phrase Joy Division Oven Gloves is the top trending topic in the UK on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Why? Because BBC 6 Music DJ Gideon Coe played it on his breakfast show this morning (he was sitting in for the regular DJ Sean Keaveney). Only on 6Music folks and just one more reason why the BBC should reverse its dreadful decision to axe the digital station. 6Music is not just the only place you are likely to hear classics like HMHB, it has provided a platform for new music that simply does not exist in the commercial sphere.

6Music provides the sort of public sector broadcasting the BBC should be putting out.

Save 6Music. Or should that be #save6music #saveBBC6music.

Go to the BBC website and fill in the consultation now.

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