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Merry Christmas War is Over?

Sheridan Calls for Truce

"TOMMY Sheridan yesterday called on Scotland's warring socialist parties to call a truce and work together at the next General Election. The former MSP claimed the ongoing feud between his Solidarity party and the Scottish Socialist Party was "irresponsible". And he called for a pact to stop left-wing parties in Scotland - including Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party - from standing against each other at the next election. Sheridan was a founder member of the SSP but quit to set up Solidarity two years ago, after his defamation case against a Sunday paper caused a bitter split in his old party. The rift has been blamed for both parties' poor showing at the last Holyrood election, when neither won a seat after fighting each other at the polls."

They do say that there is nothing so divisive as a call for unity. The Scottish left is certainly in urgent need of unity but it is hard to see a scenario in which Mr Sheridan will play any kind of role. The bitterness caused when he split the SSP has unfortunately not gone away. There is a case for the left to come together around a unifying candidate perhaps at the European elections, but this initiative seems more designed to keep Tommy as a central figure in that. The sad fact is that he is the obstacle to unity and would better serve the cause by taking a step back and allowing the rest to move forward.

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Have to agree that Tommy the Tank engine's motives can only be to keep himself in the spotlight. Never been a member so dinnae ken all the facts, which i'm sure are deep and comlex. But had he keept his cock in his pants more often or at least had the decency to fess up to his sexual weaknesses the SSP might never have split.

Mos def a maniac with an ego. Any idea when the NotW's appeal's gettin heard? No a fan o news international but Sheridan's goin down when that comes up.

By Blogger don, at 11:40 am  

I'll probably be steering away from any discussion of the case if it ever comes to court...legal advice. The sooner the whole business can finally be put behind us the better.

By Blogger Alister, at 12:56 pm  

In case there are any vultures...sorry, lawyers reading this, i'd like to point out that the views expressed in the "don" post above are my own. They cannot in any way be attributed to the writer of this blog, whom i've never met in my life. Seriously.

Sorry, Alister, whoever you are.

By Blogger naldo, at 10:44 am  

lol. No need for apologies!

By Blogger Alister, at 4:53 pm  

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