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Man of Steel

No, not the great Mark Millar comic about a communist version of Superman (Red Son) or even the John Byrne re-imagining of the 80's. Rather I refer to everyone's favourite ex-SWP member Mark Steel.

He has one of these blog things too. Full of amusing anecdotes about politics and cricket mostly.

For example on Geoffrey Boycott's opposition to the Iraq war.
"I've suggested before that the Labour Party, supposedly a party of the left, now finds itself on the defining issue of our times militantly to the right of Jimmy Hill, two ex-Presidents of America, Joanna Lumley, Zoe Ball, the ex-President of France, ninety per cent of Spain, Chris Eubank, Brigadier Hewitt, almost every living Arab, Burt Bacharach, the Liberal Democrats, Leo Sayer and the Pope. But who amongst us, even the most poisonously cynical, believed on that day when Labour were elected in 1997, that this government would end up being chastised as too right-wing, pro-war and up America's arse on Test Match fucking Special."

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Hello, I couldn't find a regular contact to ask you permission to use your Lenin & Marx as Legos pics on a blog I'm working on. So, I commented on your most recent post. I know, my bad -- my apologies.

Commie Rat

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