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On the Buses

The SSP are stepping up their Free Public Transport campaign and have a swishy new website to accompany it. Check it out.


What's it all about?

"The Scottish Socialist Party’s campaign for free public transport is an “audacious, eye-catching idea" according to Douglas Fraser, political editor of The Herald newspaper.
In the Belgian city of Hasselt, which covers an area double the size of Dundee, congestion was eliminated in the late 1980s after the introduction of a totally free public transport system.
Free public transport would be the biggest single pro-environment policy enacted by any national government anywhere on the planet, dramatically slashing car use and CO2 emissions.
Free fares would represent a major shift of wealth in favour of the many thousands of people who currently pay sky-high fares to subsidise the transport companies.
Boosting public transport through free travel is a concrete means of tackling global warming."

One of my pix is getting used in the campaign materials too.

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