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Caledon't Bother

Watched Caledonia Dreamin' last night on BBC4. It was a history of Scottish pop from Postcard to the present day. Not bad, but some glaring ommissions. Some doubtless caused by Glasgow bias...no Skids, no Big Country (one Scottish band that is well known internationally). Others were stranger. No mention of the Cocteau Twins, Primal Scream or the Jesus and Mary Chain but loads on Hue and Cry, who were not an important band artistically. The last three all relocated to London, is that why they were omitted?

Plus there was a bizzare error whereby the narrator said that the 1979 devolution referendum was a "vote on independence". Independence was not an option of course.

You can still see the show on BBC iplayer.

The documentary on Edwin Collins recovery from his stroke on the other hand, was terrific. Edwin's myspace site played a big role in his therapy. Check it out.


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Annoyed that I missed that Caledonia Dreamin' doc. But, think it would have wound me up, if, as you say, it had such glaring omissions. Bit like when I opened The Guardian last week when it did some stupid waste of space four-page thing on musical map of Britain. The section on Scotland had nothing on anything outside of Glasgow and the west coast. Think it was written by Isobel Campbell, but can't be definite. Right wind up, that's for sure!

By Blogger Reidski, at 10:32 pm  

Yeah saw the Grauniad thing. Isobel Campbell is a talent void in my opinion. The doco had its good points, particularly some of the interviews. The Altered Images folks Jim'll Fix It anecdote was a cracker, although frankly Clare Grogan could recite the telephone directory and I'd be quite happy.

By Blogger Alister, at 4:03 pm  

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