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Blue Blistering Carbuncles

An unlikely ally for those in the Caltongate of Edinburgh who are standing up to the fat cat developers. HRH Prince Chuck!

Speaking in London yesterday he said:
"Corporate and residential towers are being proposed across London, and overshadowing World Heritage sites from Edinburgh to Bath – this audience will not need reminding of the fact that the World Heritage status of sites such as Edinburgh’s old city, the Tower of London and Westminster have all been challenged by U.N.E.S.C.O. due to new construction in recent years. And so they should be, as there is no point at all in having a World Heritage site unless it retains its unique integrity. There are, after all, other areas where such tall buildings could be accommodated within their own context."

Of course aesthetics are only one side of the story. The other is the fact that community resources and housing for working class people is being replaced by 'luxury' apartments and hotels for the wealthy.

Thanks to the Independent Republic of the Caltongate and Save Our Old Town.


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