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What's Italian for invoice?

Well Rifondazione Comunista in Italy are in a lot of trouble. To keep their place in the government coalition they are voting to send troops to Afghanistan and expand a NATO base.

And not only that they are using one of my pictures on their home page!

The original is here.

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More generally, the question between Prodi and the Left was always who was going to back who into a corner. For a while back there it looked like Prodi was going to have to bend, but by resigning the other week he effectively called their bluff. The available choices for PRC are pretty awful - if they walked out it would just enable Prodi to build a new 'centre-left' bloc including the right-of-centre ex-Christian Democrats (as well as the left-of-centre CDs who are already on board).

(I still think the Unione government is the best thing that's happened to Italy since 1993, mind you.)

By Blogger Phil, at 7:02 pm  

I wonder how those RC voters who voted for them as an anti-war party feel? I wonder if they'll feel like voting for them again?

By Blogger Alister, at 1:44 pm  

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