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Club Country

The Scottish top ten singles poll has led me to some interesting places including the discovery of a Scottish college with no less than 3 Scottish pop legends on the teaching staff. But it also led me to YouTube which is great for odd and obscure TV clips. The Associates are currently top of the chart (by a mile) and YouTube offered up all sorts of Associates goodies including an appearance on the BA Robertson show with Billy McKenzie wearing a natty airline pilots outfit.

Below I bring you Billy McKenzie performing You Only Live Twice on the Jonathan Ross show sometime in the early 90's would be my guess.

You can also find more top ten Scottish singles discussion and downloads at Vinyl Villains blog.

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Alister - your comments re: The Associates on the BA Robertson Show (Friday Night Saturday Morning) - I remember as a spotty teenager seeing that on the night on a black and white portable in my bedroom. That voice! I was hooked from then. I always remember that performance - MacKenzie in the aviator suit! I rushed (well as much as a norn irish teen rushed in those days) down to the wee local record shop and bought Party Fears Two the next day. My credibility rose no end - not long before I had been buying "Four From Toyah" which was ok in my school, but the bloke in the record shop sort of snorted when I asked for it. When I asked for "Party Fears Two" the normally inanimate hippy bloke broke into a smile and said (in front of my mates 'n all!) "Fuckin' cool!"

I was that cool dude for that Saturday!

I hate the way the eighties are now known for the crap niether me or my mates would have let near our stereos. Whatever happened to good experimental pop? Or am I just getting old?

Another great wee Scottish combo was Altered Images - Happy Birthday, See those eyes, Don't Talk to me about Love, Bring me closer - all cracking wee pop songs.

I'm feeling all nostalgic. Anyone remember "Swans Way" and "Soul Train? Was I the only person to have heard of them?

By Blogger Neil, at 6:40 pm  

Good stuff Neil. I used to just try and impress the goth girls with my record choices. Which led to me accidently buying the wrong cocteau twins album...the first gothy electronic one instead of 'Treasure' like I planned.
Definitely remember swans way too.
Think I will have a poke round my old singles box tonight for forgotten gems.

By Blogger Alister, at 7:42 pm  

I remember Swans Way. Anybody remember The Questions?

I'd give my left leg for an mp3 of Tuesday Sunshine.

By Blogger Darren, at 11:08 am  

Nice one Alister. Good memories here.

By Blogger Reidski, at 2:55 pm  

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