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Bono Collaboration

It was a rather strange sensation hearing 'The Saints Are Coming' on the radio. "That's a Skids song" I thought to myself. The guitars are pretty spot on but whose weak voice is that? Well I never, it is the 'friend of the poor' and pal of Saint Bob, Bono. Actually the live version above is better. Turns out that U2 have got together with Green Day to record the song for victims of hurricane Katrina. Specifically to help get musicians back on their feet "The campaign's goal is to rebuild the musical heart and culture of the Gulf Region by replacing the musical instruments lost during Hurricane Katrina."

They told the NME:

"When the idea of playing at the Superdome re-opening first came up to the invitation was for Music Rising to put together a ten-minute musical piece and I immediately thought of 'The Saints Are Coming'," U2 guitarist The Edge told NME.COM. "It could have been written for this occasion. The lyric fits so well it's almost eerie."

As a Dunfermline lad the Skids hold a special place in my heart. They used to rehearse next to the church hall where my sister would go to brownies which must have livened up brown owl's evening. Into the Valley and Masquerade would appear on many top tens of Scottish singles. John Peel wrote of them "Scottish fanzines had been noising abroad the excellence of Messrs. Jolson, (sic) Plode, Adamson and Bomb, remarking that they had moved beyond the confines of pure punk and were evolving into something entirely of their own devising, something that was, or so it was hinted, identifiably Scottish."

After the band split it gave rise to the late Stuart Adamson's Big Country and Richard Jobson's Armoury Show. That reminds me, must go download 'castles in spain' from iTunes. Damn, they don't have it. Can anyone help?

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