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Ted Grant 1913-2006

Ted Grant, founder of Militant in Britain has died aged 93. Many people passed through the organisation that Ted helped found and a good many, myself included, split from Ted in the early 90's in the period following the anti-poll tax campaign. For a lot of us the news of Ted's passing will be a blow. He was a legendary figure and those who remember him from the mid-Eighties and before remember a keen brain and an impressive speaker with his trademark hand gestures which were copied by a generation of young and not so young trots.

I myself heard him speak a number of times and met him in a rather grotty hall in Glenrothes when Militant was on the up and packing out meetings all over the country.

Ted went on to found Socialist Appeal, an organisation with an unfortunate fondness for the Labour Party. Things have been on the up for SA recently, they have the ear of Chavez in Venezuela and have founded a serious solidarity campaign. In addition they have a succesful website.

There is a lot more to be said about Ted's life but as his comrades say, he was not sentimental.

Ted Grant Internet Archive.

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I've spent the last hour or so reading through the obituaries for Ted on the web. I too was a part of the political force that Ted played a large part in creating. I left much of that behind many years ago, but was really saddened to hear of Ted's death. He was an amazing (if somewhat eccentric) man and I remember him very fondly and with a continuing admiration.

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