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Ghana no dae that

Ghana may have gone out of the world cup in a blaze of glory, but few of their fans were watching.

Fans watch from afar as Ghana takes stage - Sports - International Herald Tribune: "FIFA allocated about 9,000 tickets to Ghana, some of them through corporations, but Abebrese said - and the German Embassy in Accra confirmed this - that only about 400 visa applications were successfully processed. Grace Ashby, a well-known singer who wrote the official song for the Black Stars, as the team is known, was refused entry 'even though she has a car, a family income to buy the tickets and had paid her airfare,' Abebrese said.

Jens Plotner, a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry, rejected the charge that Ghanaians or Africans had been unfairly treated. The ministry 'has seconded additional visa personnel in order to ensure a proper and quick service for visa applications,' he said. 'However, all visa applicants, whether from Africa or not, have to fulfill EU and Schengen requirements. Schengen law applies, and we cannot change procedures for the World Cup.'

Applicants need to prove, the ministry said, that they have reason to return to their home countries - stable employment and family ties, for example."

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