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Here We Go

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The World Cup is here. So less blogging and more watching the box at strange times of the day. Argentina-Ivory Coast was the best game so far, a real classic. When picking my choice of winner in the world cup sweep I nearly picked Argentina, but my latin-american adviser informed me that they were lacking in confidence and that they didn't think they could beat England (who they will probably meet in the next round.) So I went for Italy (Brazil too obvious) as a good outside bet, and am now regretting it.

Nice article on the political aspect of the world cup here. From CLR James' view of sport as a chance to get even with the colonial masters, to football in a globalised world.

"From contemporary geopolitical and cultural conflicts (or their historic echoes) to the impact of globalization, the World Cup offers a real-time snapshot of the state of our world. This summer, when Portugal plays Angola or England meets Trinidad, colonial history won't be forgotten among the fans of the formerly colonized. Whenever England has played Argentina in the past 24 years, the fans of both countries have been asked to relive the Falklands/Malvinas War -- and I'd be surprised if World War II memories escape a mention when Australia plays Japan. Yet, the game will also be infused with contemporary political drama, should fate decree that the USA meets Iran."

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