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Countdown to Infinite Crisis

As anyone who takes an interest in these things, and can read a newspaper will know, these are hard times for the Scottish Socialist Party. I'm an optimistic sort of guy when it comes to politics (you have to be really), but I think it's accurate to say that the future of the party is in the balance at the moment.

We need this party. We need an alternative to the neo-liberal hegemony. We need the unity of the left. That means that the leaders in the party need to show some leadership, need to take a step back and try to heal the rifts.

I have little doubt that the dark forces in the intelligence community have done what they can to help further splits with carefully timed press leaks and other odd happenings that I may go into once this is all over. But the core reasons lie with ourselves. There will be plenty of time to go into the political fallout in the weeks and months to come. Right now we need to stop playing our enemies games. That means employing absolute honesty and political clarity.

I've delayed posting anything on this. Events are moving almost too fast to keep up with. I daresay this is one I will be returning to.

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Agree with that post excet for oen key part. I've noticed internatioanlly, in other stateless nations, that real political progress has been made by working organisationally to build the unity of the pro-independence left rather than unity of the general left.

This provides a focus and framework for succesful political work and genuine organisational unity.

Trying to unify organisationally with groups like the SWP, or with individuals like George Galloway - who are not part of the pro-independence left and are hostile to it - would be, and has been, a recipe for division, acrimony and inaction. And it always will be.

Just ma thoughts on the matter mate!


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