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Wide Open Road

It's Grant's funeral in Brisbane tomorrow. I'll be in Norway at the RV conference. But I will raise a quiet glass to him. I started a Go-Betweens group on flickr, if you have any photo's you want to share.

In a strange aside, The Triffids are to reform (sans the late David McComb obviously) for two gigs in Belgium and Holland. Unlikely I will make it over there though. The Triffids are another brilliant Australian band and one of my favourites. They are promoting the forthcoming re-release of several of their albums in remastered form.

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Ally, I don't know if you remeber ne from NUS and SML. I now live in Brisbane and had the good fortune to see The Go-Betweens play in town last year and excellent gig. Brisbane will miss Grant.
Martin Milne

By Blogger Martingoes2oz, at 11:52 pm  

the late David McComb???

Bloody hell, Alister. I was never into the Gobies, but I was a huge fan of the Triffids; I've even got Love of Will (a fine album it is, too). Obviously I stopped paying much attention to the guy some time after that, but... the late David McComb?

I shall google, of course, as soon as I finish writing this. But that's dreadful news, to me at least.

By Blogger Phil, at 12:17 am  

Hi Martin, naturally I remember you. Nice to hear from you. Had no idea you were in Australia. Glad you got a chance to see the GB's in their home town.

And Phil, I guess you have learned about Dave McComb by now. Shame, and I agree that Love of Will was good stuff.

By Blogger Alister, at 9:54 pm  

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