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No Fear

Gary Younge in the Guardian today on the immigrants movement in the US. Very interesting.

Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | With these protests, have America's Hispanics finally broken their terror?: "'All books about all revolutions begin with a chapter that describes the decay of tottering authority or the misery and sufferings of people,' wrote the Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski in his book, Shah of Shahs, about Iran's revolution. 'They should begin with a psychological chapter, one that shows how a harassed man breaks his terror and stops being afraid. This unusual process demands illuminating.' And so it has been in recent weeks. Children walked out of school; their parents walked off the job. 'The foreman said everybody has to show up today, but we came anyway. We have to march,' Dionicio Morales, a bricklayer from Guatemala, told the Los Angeles Times. 'There won't be any brickwork there today.'"

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Here in Los Angeles, the buzz on May 1 is huge. The ports may be shut, lots say they're walking out that day, it's even spread to Mexico, Costa Rica, a "No Gringo" Day.

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