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The Price We Have To Pay

Last night's Newsnight featured a brilliant film about Iraq Veterans Against the War who were marching to New Orleans. You can still see the clip online. Take a look, it is powerful stuff. It is included in their podcast too.

The BBC blurb:

"We have a powerful film this evening. We follow a group of former US soldiers who have returned from Iraq deeply affected by the experience.

As they march across America to protest against the war they reveal their own experiences of the conflict, make some disturbing allegations about military practices in Iraq and reflect on how it feels to come home.

We'll discuss some of the issues raised with the former Judge Advocate General for the US Army who is also a decorated combat veteran."

The soldiers made some pretty damning allegations, namely that civilians were randomly targeted by soldiers, that they were advised to bring shovels or AK's and leave them beside the body if they shot the wrong guy, they could then say they were planting bombs or firing. The General of course said these were isolated incidents, not verified etc etc.

Get it direct from the source at BringThemHomeNow.org. And read the blog here. Plus there is a nice tune here, Charlie Anderson's The Price We Have To Pay. Good to see Stan Goff is involved there.

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