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thwarted and impotent liberals

More V for Vendetta coverage in the Times.

"Nor, apparently, does it downplay the political dimension to which 9/11 and 7/7 have given new relevance: V is an avenging anarchist out to liberate the people from right-wing rule by dressing as Guy Fawkes and blowing up government buildings. And this, you understand, is the hero. Arguably, if the Bill outlawing the glorification of terrorism ever did get through Parliamant, the film might find itself banned. “The film certainly can be seen as an attack on Bush,” agrees Lloyd. “There’s a strong message in there.”

Moore is less charitable. “Basically, it’s the work of two thwarted and impotent liberals who want to say how annoyed they are with their President, but want to do so in a safe way — by setting it in a fantasy Great Britain.

The resulting film has its admirers but, according to Times critics who saw the world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, its main problem is the superabundance of explosions and Wachowski-issue trickery. It’s a far cry from the slow, thoughtful and morally ambiguous original."

Remind me never to piss off Alan Moore. I'm sure the old mage puts curses on these films.

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