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Starbucks To Ban Hijab?


Remember that little controversy when the French government, in the name of ├ęgalite, banned "ostentatious religious symbols" in schools? Well, I never thought that the same approach would be taken by global caffeine pushers Starbucks.

A worker at a Starbucks in the USA has been suspended for wearing a "religious symbol"...a small pentagram necklace. But the funny thing is, she wore it for three years without any problems until she joined a union and the management started taking a very detailed interest in her clothing.

Her union says:

"For the second time in as many months, Starbucks management has kicked SWU member Suley Ayala out of the workplace for wearing her modest Pentagram necklace. Ms. Ayala is a practicing Wiccan and as a religious observance never takes off the necklace. She wore the necklace at Starbucks without interruption for three years until the company started harassing her after she and a group of her co-workers went public as members of the Starbucks Workers Union on November 18, 2005. Since then various management officials have badgered her and sent her home for refusing to take off the necklace. Ms. Ayala is extremely distraught and understandably angry. Management can't even get its story straight, sometimes saying no religious symbols are allowed and other times saying the necklace is too distracting. All the while, baristas wearing crosses of the same modest size have never been disciplined. Our opinion is that Starbucks is exploiting Suley's non-traditional religion to retaliate against her for union activity."

This is a case that bloggers throughout the world could take up quite effectively I think.

So publicise this case and send a message to Starbucks union-busting management.

Read more, including details of who to protest to at Starbucks, at the IWW - Starbucks Workers Union website.

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