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Bus Drivers' Rescue Mission - Hijacked by U.S. Military in New Orleans

Another disturbing report post-Katrina from New Orleans.

With tens of thousands of people trapped in hellish conditions in New Orleans, ninety-four Houston school bus drivers set off on a mission to bring people to safety. They saw that the government had abandoned these people, who were too sick or too poor to get out--or too Black for racist authorities to let out.

The drivers loaded their school buses with bottled water and food. If the government couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything, or if some people who should have helped were paralyzed by thinking this was all "god’s will," then they would help.

The drivers were prepared to welcome desperate people onto their buses and in many cases volunteered their time for free. But U.S. military soldiers with automatic weapons, fixed bayonets, and camouflage paint on their faces detained them for hours and then forced them to transport soldiers, supplies, and ammunition.

After 31 hours, the drivers returned home--THEIR BUSES EMPTY.

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