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Alex Chilton

Fears for Fats Domino and Alex Chilton - World - smh.com.au: "The rock singer and guitarist Alex Chilton, 54, of the recently reunited band Big Star, was listed on the missing persons page of www.nola.com, the Times-Picayune's website, on Thursday. He remained at home in New Orleans during the storm, said a spokeswoman for his record label, Rykodisc, and has not been heard from since the flooding began."

Alex Chilton is a MASSIVE influence in the Scottish music scene, as a cursory listen to the likes of Teenage Fanclub will verify. Big Star are one of those bands that are not well known, but thousands have delighted in discovering them. Go stick on September Girls now and hope for the safe recovery of Alex and all the other victims of the hurricane, disgracefully abandoned by Emperor Bush.

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Seems that Alex is OK!

By Blogger Alister, at 3:17 pm  

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