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Robertson goes Caracas

pat robertson cartoon
Cartoon in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. More cartoons on this topic here.

A religious extremist calls for murder of a head of state. Sounds like a terrorist to me. But this one isn't in Finsbury Park Mosque. No he's on cable TV in the USA and is a major backer of Bush and the leader of the Christian Coalition. Pat Robertson's half-witted threats against Hugo Chavez certainly show him to be a buffoon, but the whole affair has a dark edge to it. It reminds us of the contempt for democracy and human rights the US right has. Latin Americans don't need lessons in this. Still, a good opportunity to take the piss.

Humour from The Borowitz Report.

Cuban Spies Set to Infiltrate Pat Robertson’s Production Staff, Audience

Cuban president Fidel Castro announced in Havana today that his government is backing a violent overthrow of “The 700 Club,” the long-running television program hosted by controversial preacher Pat Robertson.

Mr. Castro’s decision to attempt to topple Mr. Robertson was widely seen as a demonstration of solidarity with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, whom the televangelist proposed assassinating during Monday’s broadcast of the show.

At a press conference in Havana, the Cuban president said that he was authorizing a flotilla of speedboats carrying Cuban spies to head for the United States to orchestrate the overthrow of “The 700 Club.”

While Mr. Castro was sketchy about the details of the plot, calling them “super-secret,” an insider familiar with the plan said that it involves Cuban spies infiltrating Mr. Robertson’s production staff and audience and then staging an armed revolt during a broadcast of the program.

“We’ll wait until Pat Robertson is distracted, probably when he’s getting all worked up about gay marriage or something, and then we’ll strike,” the insider said.

According to the insider, the Cuban president waited a few days before deciding to overthrow “The 700 Club” because he was not sure at first exactly what “The 700 Club” was.

“Fidel thought it was a club for people who weighed 700 pounds or more,” the insider said. “Then he was like, ‘No, that can’t be right.’”

I also recommend Jesse Jacksons comments on the affair which expose the corruption and racist, reactionary agenda of Robertson.

“During a State Department hearing Robertson declared, 'Maybe we need a very small nuke thrown off on Foggy Bottom (the State Department’s headquarters) to shake things up.' He has also made inflammatory remarks about Muslims and the Islamic religion, saying, 'It's clear from the teachings of the Quran and also from the history of Islam that it's anything but peaceful.' Yet, Robertson never raised his voice against racial segregation in the South. He did not join the chorus of witnesses to free Mandela. He instead became a mining trading partner with the tyrant Mobutu in the Congo,” Jackson continued.

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