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"Turning Rebellion Into Money"

I'll have to have a look at this. Not a bad idea actually.

Edinburgh Evening News - Top Stories - We had a riot on our hols: "THEY are scenes that many people living in the Capital would prefer to forget.

But one artist is ensuring people the world over will remember the violent G8 riots in Princes Street - by selling postcards of them to tourists.

Featuring some of Edinburgh's most famous landmarks, the postcards capture the key moments from the protests that locked down Princes Street in early July.

In one postcard, a wall of riot police outside Jenners is pictured under the tongue-in-cheek banner 'Welcome to Edinburgh'.

Another captures the tense stand-off between protesters and police at the bottom of The Mound during the so-called Carnival for Full Enjoyment, when anarchists took to the streets of the Capital to protest about the G8 summit.

The 'battle of Princes Street' was captured by Abbeyhill artist Liz Tainsh, 40, who said people want a reminder of one of the most dramatic days in the Capital's recent history.

And she said that she had sold dozens of the cards since they went on sale at the start of the Festival.

She said: 'I usually have a lot more tourist pictures of Edinburgh on my stall but they weren't selling so well this year so I thought I'd dig out my pictures from the G8 protests and give them a go. I've been totally surprised at the response, to be honest, they've been selling really well with locals and tourists alike."

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