:: Friday, August 12, 2005 ::

Solidarity is Back

BBC NEWS Talks aim to end Heathrow crisis

There always seems to be something holding up the traffic in Edinburgh these days. Sometimes it's me on a march, sometimes it's the Festival Carnival (thanks for the 2 hour walk home), today it was Robin Cook's funeral at St. Giles. But a couple of weeks ago it was the bus drivers of Lothian Regional Transport on strike and taking additional effective wildcat action.

It seems to be spreading with the righteous struggle of the Gate Gourmet catering workers at Heathrow. Their absolutely disgraceful sacking by a 'hardball' management prompted, wait for it, sympathy action by other BA staff. When was the last time that happened in this country?

The loathsome US boss of Gate Gourmet was on the Today prog. this morning, yes he waited a full two hours before sacking his entire staff, including those who were off that day, sick etc. If anyone needs standing up to it's this guy. Unofficial action is the only way to run an effective strike these days.

So welcome back Solidarity, where have you been?

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