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The BBC report on the fact that all of the nominees for the Hugo sci-fi awards (held in Glasgow this week) are British. You could also add that Scots and socialists are also well represented. In the piece Charlie Stross makes good points. : "Mr Stross says that what an author writes is a reflection of his society, and currently US genre writers are mirroring the 'deep trauma' that 9/11 wrought on America.

'What we write tends to reflect our perceptions of the world around us,' he says, 'and if it's an uncertain world full of shadows it's no surprise you get wish fulfilment or a bit downbeat.'

So super-hero movies divide the world into black and white moralities and authors try to write alternative histories of key US events, such as the Civil War."

I wonder if that had an impact on the cancellation of the Watchmen movie, a superhero movie that couldn't be less black and white and which ends in a catastrophic event in the heart of an American city...in the name of peace. And how will the forthcoming V for Vendetta film go down with its central character a terrorist exploding bombs in London? I would like to think that intelligent and thoughtful films would still have an audience regardless of these facts. Of course whether they will be/would have been any good is another question.

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