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Fringe Politics

An event worth attending if you are in Edinburgh or might be up for the fest and get the chance:

Professor Gregor Gall and Colin Fox MSP will speak on

'20 Years Since the Miners Strike: The Future of Trade Unions in the Struggle for Social Change'

at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Date 26 Aug 2004
Start time 7:00 PM
Venue: The Roxy Art House, 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh EH8 9SU
Organiser Word Power Books

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Excuse the ignorance, but who is Gregor Gall?

By Blogger Darren, at 1:13 pm  

Gregor is an SSP activist and a er, professor at Stirling University. He's not famous or anything. He has contributed a couple of recent articles to Frontline, eg this one on sex workers: http://www.redflag.org.uk/frontline/13/13sexwork.html

By Blogger Alister, at 1:53 pm  

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