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BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Salmond's 'you decide' proposal

BBC NEWS | Salmond's 'you decide' proposal

Scots will be able to pick the topics debated at Holyrood under new plans from SNP leadership hopefuls Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.
Mr Salmond compared the plan to Big Brother, where millions regularly phone in and then watch as the most popular choice carries the day.
The proposal forms part of a campaign manifesto to be launched by the pair.
Ms Sturgeon said the plans aimed to reconnect the Scottish Parliament with the public.

To be fair this was just one of many ideas that was in the dynamic duo's manifesto. But it is a pretty lame idea. I can picture the brainstorming session now as someone says "you know more young people vote in Big Brother than they do in elections, hey waitaminit..."

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