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Twilight of the Godforsaken

Scotsman: ROBERT McNEIL'S SKETCH: A load of ballads for Wotan Jack

A few good one liners from the reliable Robert McNeil in his regular Scotsman sketch about the Scottish Parliament, which takes an operatic theme today due to the trials and tribulations of Scottish Opera. It was also the day in which Carolyn Leckie MSP for the SSP became the first parliamentarian to be kicked out the chamber (for daring to demand a debate on the nursery nurses dispute.)

Enter stage left Carolyn Leckie (SSP), the Bolshevik Brünnhilde, banging her breastplate about nursery nurses.

Unfortunately, she was supposed to be in the last act not the first, and George Reid, the presiding orifice, got his horns in a twist and gave it Götterdämmerung.

"Order!" he trilled. "Will you sit, please! Miss Leckie, would you sit, please! Miss Leckie, I am requiring you to sit, please!"

Carolyn stayed on her pins and sang: "Hojotoho!" "You’re now on your final warning!" hollered George. Carolyn sat. "Miss Leckie, will you stand please!" said George. Oy, make your mind up, mate.

And the opera debating continued...

An off-key ukulele introduced the next performer, Rhona Brankin (Lab), the Hammer of the Scots, who made her usual botch of things. Instead of standing up for the operatistas, the former junior arts minister accused the SNP of "playing politics" with the issue. Which is a bit like accusing Partick Thistle of playing football.

But Jack couldn't get away from the nursery nurses, or Carolyn!

Unfortunately, he forgot about the nursery nurses outside. With Brünnhilde standing proudly at their head, they set up a chorus of boos and hounded Jack’s car down the road, as he was driven into the Twilight of the Godforsaken.

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