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On the Campaign Trail

On the Campaign Trail with Lindsey German, Respect candidate for London Mayor. A surprisingly chatty and personal style in this blog. Following developments in the US I'm surprised more candidates don't have blogs. It would be nice to see the blog link to some other blogs too. A digital camera is easy to carry about and a few photos would add a bit of colour.

Respect is the coalition headed by George Galloway. The forthcoming issue of Frontline will have a couple of articles on it. Respect have stated they will not be standing in Scotland, but rather recommending a vote for the SSP. At a meeting last night in Glasgow John Rees of Respect and the SWP was asked why Respect had also registered with the electoral commission for Scotland as well as England and Wales. He stated this was to prevent anyone else taking the name, which may well be the case. It could also indicate that George is keeping his options open over contesting the Glasgow Kelvin seat should he fail to win a European seat. Let's hope George wins and the issue does not arise. Respect should be about uniting the left in England (Wales is something of a different question) not dividing the left in Scotland.

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