:: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 ::

The Britch (sorry)

It's the European Elections story of the day. Joan Collins joins Kilroy in UKIP

SHE has never used her vote, declines to discuss politics and lives in the US, but yesterday Joan Collins became a standard bearer for the UK Independence party.

UK? Not for Ms Collins. She is English!

The former Dynasty star said: "I do feel my country – I am English – is losing a lot of what I grew up with. I feel we are eroding ourselves to Brussels.

Can we take it that Ms. Collins stands for the break up of the British state? Excellent!

When asked about the politics of the UKIP, she replied: "I am not a political person."

Ideal then.

Although has Joan considered the potential for a seedy soap opera set in the high drama world of Brussels? I can see it now, "Superstate" - Dynasty without the shoulder pads and with better food and expenses.

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