:: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 ::

Cold day in hell

I liked this story in The Herald diary today.

SATANIC-MINDED teenage devotees of Norwegian black metal descended on Glasgow's Barfly in force on Sunday night for Mortiis's gig. As ever, the band's front man, Mortiis himself, was dressed as a scarey Scandic troll, his face obscured by an alarming mask featuring a huge pointed nose and grotesque ears. Having bellowed six evil anthems in an inhuman baritone, Mortiis suddenly roared: "Glasgow!" Mimicking Beezlebub's horns, fans extended their index and little fingers. However, they seemed unconcerned by the less-than-hellish nature of their hero's ultimate message. "I'm terribly sorry," Mortiis politely said in an everyday voice, "but I've a terrible cold."

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