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Cheating Bastards

What do the Young Tories have in common with Scotland's Christian Dailly? Via Nick Barlow

'VOTE RIGGING' ROW ROCKS YOUNG TORIES : - Daily Mirror, 11/9/03, p.20

The Tory party's youth wing is in crisis after allegations of vote rigging led to chaos at its conference.

Eight candidates for top posts resigned as outraged rivals called each other "cheating bastards" on stage.

A BBC documentary crew was asked to leave the floor in a bid to stop news of Sunday's row getting out...

One who those who quit, Andre Walker , said in an angry speech "We can now prove head of youth policy David Pugh is a cheating bastard. The system is so corrupt we must act."

Members of the Tory youth - known as Conservative Future - now plan a breakaway organisation.

Last night Central Office said: "We have faith in our senior officials who oversee internal elections".

David Pugh said yesterday he had no comment on claims he was a "cheating bastard". He added: "I'm not going to respond to that".

"Cheats, f***ing cheats" - Christian Dailly, loudly, on live TV following Scotland-Germany game.

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