:: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ::

Political blogs: a brief guide

A new guide to political weblogs in the Grauniad

"A neatly designed blog with extensive photo galleries. Alister Black's site has many good points, and covers "conspiracy theory" stories the mainstream media doesn't usually touch."

Now I'm listed as a centrist, together with lib-dem Nick Barlow, whilst self-confessed Blairite and war enthusiast Harry Steele/Hatchet is listed as a lefty! Don't know who is more upset about that one. Sort it out Grauniad. Hmmm, both the Grauniad and the Committee for a Workers International think I'm a centrist, mayhap they don't mean quite the same thing. At least they dropped the "humourless" thing, and I don't cover that many conspiracy theories do I? Do I? Huh? Did MI5 tell you to say that? Did they?

Talking of blogs welcome to 4glengate a new socialist blog from lovely Leicester.

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