:: Monday, March 17, 2003 ::

Reaping the Whirlwind

So Tony Blair is going to war without his 2nd UN resolution. He has sown the wind.

Yesterday I watched the live coverage of his press conference in the Azores, following his council of war with Aznar and Bush. Mr Bush mumbled some gibberish about Texas and cards. Blair meanwhile spoke of the millions of children whose deaths Saddam had caused. Actually he was referring to the effects of sanctions over the past twelve years. Last year UNICEF noted "It is clear that children are bearing the brunt of the current economic hardship. They must be protected from the impact of sanctions. Otherwise, they will continue to suffer, and that we cannot accept."

Posing with Bush will do the domestic reputations of Blair and Aznar no good. But for them there is no turning back.

As each cruise missile falls the people of the world will hold them to account for their actions. The peace movement here has already built up such momentum that even the fact that British troops are in action will not hold it back. The fresh generation of young people coming into this struggle has inspired us all.

Those, like Malcolm Chisholm and Robin Cook, who have a conscience have spoken and acted. The rest of them can reap the whirlwind.

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