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Collate, Collaborate, Struggle

Welcome to the Free Hetherington

The revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia are, I would argue, revitalising the struggle in this country against cuts. From council workers opposing redundancies to families speaking out against the closure of vital services (I include libraries in this category of course) the Tories are in for a year of resistance. There is a great article on the Newsnight blog from Paul Mason analysing the situation. He pinpoints a new breed of activist who have don't necessarily owe allegiance to traditional parties or movements. Anonymous is part of this with their libertarian cyber war in defence of Wikileaks and against scientology. Another part is the movement of poor urban youth on the streets of London, Paris and Cairo.

Glasgow University currently has an ongoing occupation of the Hetherington buildings, an unused former Postgraduate club, part of a wave of similar occupations around the country. The occupation is well organised, with cleaning, cooking and security. If you fancy a free meal, then they raid the supermarkets skips every night and turn it into delicious fare. Drop by and meet the new generation of struggle.

Study, Discuss, Share, Collate, Collaborate

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